Facebook Ads

Facebook ads when done correctly can do magic to your business. The platform has developed during these past years with one goal in mind: identify more specifically who your target audience is and help all those using the platform to be successful in the investment. Here is what I will do:

             ✅ Assess your Business, your Budget, Profit Margins and Conversions
             ✅ Create Pixel and Custom Conversions
             ✅ Define a Sales Funnel and Lead Magnets
             ✅ Find and Build Audiences
             ✅ Create Ad Copy and Images
             ✅ Launch, Analyse and Optimise Ads
             ✅ Fix Under-Performing Ads
             ✅ Scale the Campaigns

By the end of the month you will receive a detailed report of the performance of the campaign and where to go next. This is an offer you shouldn’t refuse. Get in touch