Google Adwords

Google adwords is google’s platform to advertise your business online. The perfect adwords account is one that clearly identifies your customers, reduces costs and scales your business. Here is what I will do to achieve that:
            ✅ Assess your Business, your Budget, Profit Margins and Conversions
            ✅ Install Conversion Tracking
            ✅ Find the Right Keywords to Start Targeting your Market
            ✅ Create a Coherent Account Structure
            ✅ Create Ad Copy
            ✅ Analyse and Optimise Landing Pages
            ✅ Launch and Analyse the Performance of the Campaigns
            ✅ Optimise and Fix Under-Performing Ads
            ✅ Scale the Campaigns
By the end of the month you will receive a detailed report of the performance of the campaign and where to go next. This is an offer you shouldn’t refuse. Get in touch …