Dan Brock’s Backlink Strategy

Dan Brock is an affiliate marketer that has a really good course in … affiliate marketing. I sign up for the course and I will dissect his backlink strategy in this article. But first an overview of his overall strategy before moving on to the way he approaches backlinks.

Dan Brock, the Super Affiliate

Dan Brock goal is to create a huge number of small websites that basically target amazon products. He therefore limits his websites to 3 pieces of content and his backlink strategy, because it relies mainly on fiver gigs, is therefore cost effective.

Video 1: Are Backlinks Still Effective?

Let’s examine the first video where Brock discusses backlinks. The video can be seen here:

First, he goes on to say that content is important but backlinks are still relevant. He goes on to clarify a bit better his backlink strategy.

He recommends first to create social signals and this includes both adding content to social media and social bookmark.

The second strategy is the creation of PBNs. Find domain, arrange a writer that writes 5 articles.

Press releases is the suggested third strategy. We want a white hat press release however.

He clarifies his approach to fiver gigs in this video as well:

“Whatever you do on fiver is white hat and valuable. We do not want hundreds and hundreds of backlinks”

 Video 2: White Hat and Black Hat SEO

In this interesting video Dan Brock makes an important distinction between black hat and white hat SEO. The video is available here:

Black SEO. Essentially black Hat SEO are all those SEOs who do the following:

. Keyword stuffing. They try to fool google in their pieces of content by stuffing a particular article with lots of related keywords.

. Scrape content. They use techniques and software to update their website content with pieces of scraped content found all over the internet. This will make your content look dodgy and google will penalise you for this for sure.

. Blog commenting. They use blog commenting as a real

. SENuke, GSA SER and other tools that blast your website with hundreds of links.

Dan Brock goes on to say that there is a use for GSA and other similar softwares to be used but only on tier 2 or tier 3s. But he tries to avoid it because it

White Hat. Here are his suggestions:

. Create really high-quality content written for readers and not google

. Manual social bookmarks

. Manually doing forum and blog posts. As long as people provide value to the blog/forum. Check this video

. Guest blogging. Create long-term relationship with people in your niche.

. Hire writers to create mini-blogs. And social bookmark them as well.

Brock concludes this video by telling you to emphasise manual social bookmark, manual web 2.0 creation and manual blog creation when thinking about buying fiver gigs.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Course: 2 Step Backlink Strategy

In his course he goes on to discuss this in more detail. Here is what he suggests:

The most important thing about Brock’s strategy is that he relies on a very google friendly framework and offers really well thought and his experience for his strategy.

Every time there is a new piece of content you should use this backlink strategy. He restricts his number of content pieces to 3 in his websites, but there is a broader lesson to be learn if you have a more elaborate content plan.

His backlink strategy is made of two steps and he also explains the interplay between these two steps.

Manual Social Bookmark to between 100 and 300 websites. To maintain authenticity, you need to

. the gig should manually insert new titles and descriptions

What do you want to social bookmark?

. Your main domain name, your website URL

. Titles, you can use spin text

. Descriptions – you need to make up to three to four description using spin text.

. keywords – those that show up in google adwords or whatever keyword search tool you are using. They are associated with the particular landing page you want to rank. You should also use spin text here.

This makes social bookmark unique. Every time you insert new content in your landing page you should use this technique.

Link Pyramid / Tiered Link Building tactic. Once you social bookmark you need to start consolidating this strategy. And here Dan Brock suggests using link pyramids or tiered link building strategies. He suggests a number of gigs on fiver to do this. And these gigs essentially apply a number of techniques that emphasise a number of properties:

. web 2.0

. social sites

. edu and gov websites

But, and keeping in mind what was already said before in his attempt to be within google rules, he stresses that we should only build 100 links in our tier 1. No more.

Logic. After he gets the social bookmark report he waits 3 weeks and then he starts the link pyramid method. After 3 or 4 weeks of the first link pyramid he does it again. So essentially you are applying a backlink strategy every month and feeding your website with highly relevant backlinks every month.

6 months you do the link pyramid strategy once a month, after this period, and because you should be ranking well already, the number should be reduced to once every two months.

You want to apply this method to all the pieces of content once they are created.

In terms of revenue, and because his strategy is to create a huge number of small websites, he hints that by the end of the second or third month you will be making a profit with this strategy so the investment can be applied

Verdict: Brock’s Backlink Strategy

When we go through Brock’s Backlink strategy recommendations we get lost.

In three videos he suggests three different approaches to creating backlinks. He seems to change his strategy from his youtube channel and his course.

Another negative: Brock doesn’t show any real results and examples of its efficiency.

The main positives are that Brock is really concerned with google penalties. He also emphasises a really useful logic to implement his strategy (we clearly understand what he does to apply his backlink strategy). Finally, one can say that even though there are three different strategies, the recommendations in his course should stick. In other words, Brock recommends using some type of manual backlink work initially supported by link pyramids after.