Facebook Ads – Copywriting Secrets?

Writing the perfect facebook ad is a crucial element of a successful campaign. But is there such a thing as the perfect ad? I am afraid there is no such thing. A successful facebook ad campaign lies in finding the right people to target – audiences therefore. A good ad is a companion to that discovery. The purpose of the ad is to increase your CTR as much as possible.

But there is no magic formula. Most important of all is for you to get the basics right. And believe me, sometimes this is difficult. But if you get the basics right you can then try to build an ad in the form of a sales copy. Here is what I normally do with my ads.

The Basics

1. Know your audience and your voice
2. Be honest, entertaining and human
3. Get to the point in the first couple of lines
4. After that, long copy is okay – there is no ideal length of copy
5. Spelling, grammar and formatting are critical

The Short Ad

1. Call out your customer via its location
2. Make an offer
3. Inject credibility or social proof
4. Call to action
5. Inject urgency/scarcity

The Long Ad

1. What pain point/problem people have or what desired action does your product achieve?
2. Introduce yourself or your business
3. Introduce your awesome product and social proof
4. Where can people get it?
5. Call to action
6. Inject urgency/scarcity

The Extra-Long Ad

1.Ask yourself, what problem are you trying to solve with your product or service? What are the main pain points that people have and how is your product or service going to solve that problem or problems?
Alternatively, you can think about what is the ultimate desire that you will achieve and write a sentence addressing that issue
2. Introduce your specific product or service and the results you have achieved. End with a call to action.
3. Introduce yourself or your business your overall business goals
4. Re-emphasize how you are going to solve that specific problem with your specific product or service
5. Where can people get it? – end with a call-to-action
6. Inject urgency / scarcity


When one is thinking about developing an add we should think of it as a sales letter as much as possible. The recommendations above basically follow that line of thought. However they are not perfect. Most important of all is for you to don’t mess your add up with silly grammatical errors and get your punctuation right. In other words, get the basics right. Once that is done you are half-way there. Even though I gave you some recommendations you always need to test and see what works.