What is Necessary to Have a Website Up and Running?

When looking for the first time to any website you need to understand whether it is running according to basic requirements. In this article we will discuss what these requirements are. They are absolutely essential in order to optimise the performance of a website.

SILO (Strategic Interlinking Organization). Before anything else you need to think about your website architecture. What are your core categories? What are you trying to sell? Second, within those broader categories what are your main services or products? Finally, are there any sub-services or sub-products that you also would like to sell?

Any SILO structure should be no more than 3 layers. So this is really important when you are starting any website. Think for a time about this structure before you start your project.

Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the basis on which we need to assess the performance of our website. With Analytics we can understand not only the traffic but also particular details about where the traffic is coming from and our users. Google analytics provides core information not only for what we have but always ways in which to improve our online presence.

Google Search Console. Google search console is another basic addition to a website. Search console is useful to track backlinks, keywords and to detect the technical performance of a website. We can

Speed and Performance Plugin. Any plugin that improves the performance and speed of our website is also a must-have. If you are using wordpress, Total Cache is the plugin I would recommend.

Sitemap Plugin. Google loves a website that is clear and organised. And nothing better to do this than inserting a sitemap plugin to automatically update your sitemap everytime a new page is created.

Meta-data plugin. Yoast SEO is my favourite. If you are using the premium version even better! Yoast allows you to easily insert data to help you improve all things SEO – especially technical SEO and contente SEO.

Google Maps and Google+/Social Integration. Integrating your website in google properties is a must in today’s SEO world. Social integration – especially with google related platforms – should therefore be a priority if you are launching a new website.

About us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions. Finally, if you are launching a new website you also need to think about who you are. This is really relevant for transparency and security – and google has stated that this is an important requirement for the credibility of your project. If you are thinking about launching a new website you should also think about the transparency of your project. Including about us, privacy policy and terms of conditions in it will help your project to be recognised as credible.