3 Types of Facebook Ad Projects

One of the main problems for any facebook ad marketer is to move beyond the noise and be clear about what they are doing – especially if you are selling facebook ad services. We already discussed types of facebook ads funnels, now it is time to describe facebook ad services/projects.

When thinking about facebook ads you can have lots of knowledge about different types of audiences, how to understand analytics, the art of scaling, updates on the algorithm, the history of facebook ads, and a bunch of other abstract discussions on what facebook ads are. In other words, you can be Jon Loomer.

However, when thinking about building an agency or a business that basically involves igniting sales funnels via facebook ad funnels, then you really need to think in more detail how to apply the broad knowledge you may have to specific case-studies. You need to be clear about the sort of projects that can be built – and this involves understanding how real-life businesses can be structured following a “facebook ad” logic.

For me there are basically 3 types of facebook ad services/projects. And props to people like Cat Howell, Nathan Williams and others for making this distinction clear. Here we go.

Lead Generation Funnel

The first type of funnel that can be built is what could be described as the lead generation funnel. This funnel basically serves brick and mortar businesses. What distinguishes different lead gen funnels are basically two things.

First, the funnels can be longer or shorter. In other words, they differ based on how much time they need to warm the audiences so they become consistent buyers. Most of the times, however, you will need to create a lead magnet that really stimulates the audience to convert.

The second main difference is whether it contains a “schedule a call” phase or not. Simpler lead generation funnels do not include a “schedule a call” phase. You drive traffic to the lead magnet and once someone converts it is redirected to the thank you page. That’s it.

However more complete funnels drive this traffic to a “book a call” now page – either in the form of a calendar page or something else you may use.

There is also an important theme that runs in all lead generation funnels – the conversion goal is not achieved online. So, the objective will always have to be a lead in the form of a subscription to your lead magnet or whatever “hook” you use.

e-Commerce Funnels

The second type of facebook ad service is the e-commerce. With e-commerce long funnels can be built but most of the times short ones work really well. Coupons or discounts codes can, however, be used as powerful lead magnets to captive client’s attention.

What characterizes e-commerce websites and projects is that the conversion always is represented by something that is sold exclusively online. Conversions, in other words, are measured by the amount of sales a website has.

There is, therefore, no such thing as “book a call” page. All interactions occur via a product/sales page.

Online Course and Coaching/Consultant/High-Ticket Funnel

The third and last type of facebook ad service is the online course/coaching and the consultant/high-ticket services/projects.

Similar to the lead generation service these services can be distinguished along three dimensions.

First, the funnels can be longer or shorter. But again normally you would start with an offer and a lead magnet of some sort and drive traffic from here to the product landing page.

Second, and again similar to the lead generation service, the step after the conversion has occurred can be a thank you page or a “schedule a call” now.

Basically if you have something that you are selling exclusively online, then you do not need the “schedule a call” phase. Online courses are examples of the former; coaching/consulting/high-ticket service funnels require the “schedule a call” step.

Third things can be bought online or not. Coaching and online courses can normally be bought online; consultancy and high-ticket services can’t (normally) – and as a consequence your conversion goals will be different.


So here we go, three types of facebook ad services/projects. It’s really important to distinguish these if you want to create a consistent approach to your facebook ad campaigns.