Adwords: Different Types of Projects

Even though there are no closed rules when it comes to these things, one can say that there are essentially two types of projects you can be engaged with when developing your adwords campaigns: lead generation based and sales-driven. Within these two types we can further subdivide them in two. In this article we will discuss this different types of projects and why it matters.

Lead-Generation Driven

Lead generation projects are ones where your goal is essentially to get people to be interested in a particular product or service. Most of the sales effort in these projects is not done via a website but essentially via the office itself.

Your goal is essentially to get people to a landing page where they sign up to get more information, to request a budget or to make a phone call. The success and failure of these campaigns is measured by the efficiency

There are essentially two types of lead generation projects: business to consumer and business to business. Business to consumer tend to be all those local services we normally think about when we drive around our city. Lawyers, dentists, florists, etc.

Business to business are businesses who’s main market is not the “common joe” but, instead, other businesses. Again the effort of the campaigns should be the same. However we see that the volume of searches in these types of business clearly drops.

Sales-Driven Projects

Infoproducts. Infoproducts are all those products where the goal is to sell a particular course. These platforms are normally designated by e-learning platforms as well. The user goes to these platforms to get some form of information whatever interest he has. People in these platforms therefore sell online courses.

E-commerce. The final type of project you can encounter when developing your adwords campaigns is e-commerce. Here rather than selling some form of online information or course you will be selling and promoting physical products.

Promoting an online shop is, essentially, what is associated with these types of adwords projects.

Why it Matters?

Different types of projects will have different types of conversion goals. For example, in a lead generation project the goal will be to track submission of online forms, phone calls or registrations to a particular event. If these goals differ so do the way in which we set up different tracking on the thank you page and also how we present results in the end.

Sales-driven projects – where all the process from beginning to end is exclusively done online – require that conversion goals be set differently and also that we can track more accurately our conversion results.