How to Build a Better Target Audience for your Facebook Ads

Identifying audiences are crucial for facebook ad success. If you do not select the right audiences you will fail. As simple as that. I divide audiences in two may types: people who do not know you and who you want to know, and people who do know you and visit your website, sign up for a particular offer you may have, become a fan of your facebook page or engage with your facebook page. It is these two types of audiences – cold and warm – that this article will discuss.

Cold Audiences: People who do not know you and you want to know

Interest. Interest-based types of audiences are the first type of cold audiences that you may target. Why cold? Well because they do not know you – they have not seen your products, your brand, your services or products, your contact page, about us page … in short, they do not know who you are.

Facebook does an awesome work in allowing you to identify who these people are. You need to do proper research to identify them. I will come back to this topic but find out the general interests your audience had, who the competitors are, what the main brands are, what tools does the segment use, etc.

Interest-based audiences are the most commonly referred types of audiences by facebook marketers. They are important. But not fundamental for facebook ad success.

Lookalike Audiences. You can create lookalike audiences with almost every kind of target you use on facebook. They can be based on interests, website visitors, landing page visitors, e-mail marketing subscribers, etc. However, as the name suggest, these people do not know who you are. So they are still at the first level of your sales funnel. You need to introduce yourself to these people. They are cold.

Warm Audiences: People who know you

People who know and follow me. These are my facebook ad fans – they already know me and liked my content or product or services. Whatever they may have liked they are already part of my community and, therefore, are prone to buy from me.

People who engage with my content on Facebook. This is a different type of audience. They not only like me on facebook but also engage with the content that I am developing, the industry news updates that I am announcing or the stuff that I am selling. They are engaged fans.

People who have visited my website at least once in the last months. Another type of warm audience are those that go to your website. These are actually some of the hottest audiences you may have. These people have clicked on your ad, or facebook post, and found something you said or wrote interesting. You need to create custom audiences that target these people.

People who have visited my website often. The second type of custom audience you need to create are your top visitors. Facebook allows you to select these user by the time spent on your website. Awesome tool to identify warm audiences.

People that visited particular pages. People that visited particular landing pages are also types of custom audiences you need to create. if you know that certain people visited a particular product page of your or did some action on that page and not another, they you have a more solid potential customer when compared to people that just looked at your homepage. If they showed an interest in a product you sell, this is half-way to becoming a lead.

People who have subscribed/registered. An e-mail list is an awesome way to identify warm audiences. If you already have a list of leads that already showed an interest in whatever you are selling they you need to add these audiences to facebook and create custom audiences based on the types of products or services that you are selling.

People who have bought from me. Finally, people that bought from you are hot hot leads. These are the ones that took all the steps needed to get to know you, read or listen to whatever you want to sell and bought. If you delighted these people well enough they you need to create a file. Delighted customers will buy again with more probability when compared to others.


A good facebook ad campaign is one that continuously pushes people from a cold stage to a warm stage. You need to have this in your head when you are developing your facebook ad campaigns. People that already know you will more likely buy from you. People that do not know you need to be educated and engaged.

In this article we address this hot topic of warm and cold audiences. More audiences could be identified as well – we only scratch the surface of all the details that facebook ad manager allows you. However have this in mind – warm audiences are more likely to buy.