Traditional Vs Digital Marketing: Interruption Vs Permission

Digital marketing has transformed the way we promote and leverage income in businesses.

It used to be the case that we either had a phone and we would call people to book appointments. Or we would rent a shop and wait for customers to come to us through the use of direct marketing (pamphlets for example). There were those that would use ads in newspapers or radio. Even selling door-to-door could be an option.

One famous marketer described this type of marketing has “interruption”. Another called it the “broadcast” model. Why? Mainly because marketing done this way would send your message TO EVERYBODY in the hope that a few could be interested.

Today this has all changed. With digital marketing people come to us and we can much better identify who our customer is. Digital marketing is not “interruption” or “broadcast” marketing, it’s “permission marketing”.

Think about it, if a potential client of yours types in google a particular keyword and your blog post appears, he will come to your website because he is interested in whatever you are promoting. Or if someone is looking for your service on facebook, google or any other website an ad may pop up because he or she was identified with that interest.

Both in what we call “organic” search and in paid advertisement, clients come to you rather than the other way around. So that’s why if you are not doing this in your business you are really MISSING out.