4 Types of E-Mail Marketing Series

What types of e-mail marketing series are there? E-mail marketing is one of those “areas of research” in digital marketing that is full of people saying a lot of fluff about it.

From affiliate marketing projects trying to sell you rubbish, to Digital Marketer and Neil Patel, everybody seems to know about e-mail marketing but either you end up buying a service or software you will struggle to understand or buying a course disgracefully sold as the “one-size-fits-all” pill (Digital Marketer) or just being bombarded by prestigious brains that don’t say much about it (Neil Patel et al.).

If you want to understand e-mail marketing, the best place to go is Nathan Williams.

Anyway, long intro just to say that this article is going to discuss 4 types of e-mail marketing series complementing what was previously said about auto-responder and broadcast emails.

Sell-Me-Stuff Series

Whatever the product or service you are promoting you need to, somehow, acquire a new lead via a lead magnet/hook. The sell me stuff series is the series that comes immediately after you subscribe someone new to your list.

What are the goals of this series? Well the main goal is to sell and promote something. You have pre-qualified the lead precisely to whatever you are selling so the next logical step is to create an engagement series that aims to convert the lead into a client.

Main Series

But what happens if the lead doesn’t buy or even if it buys something from you, wouldn’t it be nice to be in touch with this potential customer? Well this is precisely what the main series aims to do.

The main goal of the main series is to send high-quality content and entertainment to your list of clients so it not only engages them with your brand but also qualifies them for other products that you may be selling.

So if the lead was qualified for a particular product or service to begin with, it will return to your main series with the intention of selling even more stuff. For every product or service you have, you should therefore create a sell me stuff series.

If the lead shows an interest in a particular product or services inside the main series then it will be redirected to the sell-me stuff series.


Broadcasts are really broad e-mail marketing that are sent to everybody on your list.

What kind of e-mails do you want to send to everybody in your list? The first thing you may want to send are news about your company. A general update of whatever is going on. This is important because it keeps you in touch with your clients.

Another thing that can be sent is a new e-book or whatever new lead magnet you have created. This allows you to qualify potential leads to your new offer.

Finally you should create a list of discounts for your list during the year. Broadcast e-mails are great to get good results with sales campaigns. For example, black Friday or Christmas period or a flash sale campaign.


The last type of e-mails are the automatic ones. These emails are sent automatically but follow a particular action that was taken – or not – by your potential client.

Abandoned Carts are clear examples of automatic e-mails. Especially used for e-commerce websites, this can be applied if someone abandons a shopping cart and didn’t buy. This technique can be really powerful.

Another example of automatic e-mails are the “clean my list type of e-mail”. This is used whenever a lead is not reading your e-mails and disengages from you or your brand. You can detect when this happens and send a few e-mails to try to re-engage your potential customer. If he or she doesn’t re-engage you can erase them from your list.