9 Reasons Why Facebook Ads are Not Effective

Ever wondered why facebook ads are not effective? If you have, this blog post is for you.

Understanding facebook ads is the art of understanding what makes this tool tick. One needs to have a clear understanding of how this tool works in order to reply to the question. I would therefore stress the importance of four components to make your facebook ads campaigns perform better.

Brand. The first reason is a broad reason – but a relevant one. Imagine that you are brand new in the market. This can have an impact on the performance of your campaigns. Brand new people normally are not seen as

If you have been on the market for a while, if you have a solid fan base and, of course, you are in some shape or form recognised as an “expert” in your field, then this may have an impact on the way your ads perform.

Also, imagine your company had a really PR problem in the past. Or your brand has been on the market for a while and it has gained some negative feedback. This may impact on the way your ads will perform.

Mature brands can also suffer from reputational issues – or they identify with publics that are not recognised as the ones that your particular ads target. So the maturity of a brand can have positive or negative impact on the overall performance of your ads.

As a rule of thumb, it is much easier to run ads for brands that are not “new”. Brands that have gained some form of recognition either locally or nationally. But be aware that once you become a brand that is recognised, your services or products may also carry with them identity – and the knowledgeable publics know that this may be a reason to exclude you).

Product. Maybe your product sucks. Products can have a big impact on the way your facebook ads performs because audiences need to identify themselves with a product. If your product is not hot or isn’t something people are looking for, then your ads will not perform so well.

Website. Is your website attractive? Do you have a good design in it? Is the customer experience good? How’s the SEO architecture? All this may have an impact on the way your ads will perform.

If your website looks unprofessional with grammar errors, then you will have more difficulties selling your services or products.

Audiences. One of the main problems for your facebook ad campaigns is that you are just choosing the wrong audiences. When you are starting a campaign you should always do your audience research and understand what the main interests of the people you are targeting are. You should also look at things like competitors and check their facebook fans, products or services that are sold in the segment you are working with, leaders and gurus on your industry, tools and equipment used, publications related to the segment or important organizations.

Once you do this initial brainstorm exercise you need to go to audiences insights and check how this brainstorm matches with what you have initially thought. Create a new excel sheet with your findings. Once you do this you will have a solid understanding of your targets.

Also use my Ninja Tactic – when you are selecting the audience also look at facebook’s suggestions. Facebook wants you to make money so you keep investing so this is a powerful tool to use.

Offer. What’s your “Bait”? What’s your “Hook”? What’s your Lead magnet? This is highly relevant for every facebook ad you are running. If you don’t have an enticing offer to make then most likely people will not join you or send you their contact information.

An offer is like a glue that connects your audience to you. Think about the many different lead magnet ideas you can come up with so people would join you and eventually buy from you. Good offers make or break facebook ad campaigns.

Ad Copy. Ad Copy is absolutely fundamental when you are driving facebook ad campaigns. Without the proper ad copy your ads will not convert as efficiently as they could. I will develop new entries on this topic in the future so I will keep following my blog.

Images. I am going to tell you a story – I realised that images are crucial for any facebook ad campaign when I attended one of Cat Howell’s webinars. The advert was pretty much a picture of her with red lips and cleavage. Nice picture indeed and I remember that once I realised what the goal was I actually comment it on the ad itself.

What was Cat Howell’s goal? Higher Click-through-rates. How do you achieve that? Show your red lips and be attractive – whatever your red lips are…

Theoretically one should not use pictures that are not natural and directly related to the business. But I have also seen ads with pictures like this performing worse than one “unnatural one”. In other words, test your ads and always check what performs best.

Squeeze Page. This is often disregarded in the facebook ads community. Which is kind of odd because it plays a key part for all those that discuss adwords. A professional destination page is crucial to have an optimised facebook ad campaign.

Look at the conversion metrics on your squeeze page or, instead, look at the relevance score when looking at the performance columns in your ad account. If your relevance score is below 7 or if you are not converting above 20% you should revise your squeeze page.

Sales Page. A sales page is where you drive traffic so this traffic buys something from you. You can drive this traffic immediately after the squeeze page or you may drive it via e-mail marketing, SMS, Messenger Bot, directly, via retargeting or whatever other method you have.

Be it as it may you need to see this sales page converting at a minimum of 2% so you know your ads are performing well. If this is not happening then you need to revise it.